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Academy Bassoon Reed by Crook & Staple

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Please note that these reeds sometimes come with a glue binding rather than thread wrap - otherwise they are exactly the same reeds! read more...

Special Order. Usually dispatched within 3 weeks. . Unlikely to arrive before Christmas.
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Product Description

Please note that these reeds sometimes come with a glue binding rather than thread wrap - otherwise they are exactly the same reeds!

Crook and Staple's academy bassoon reed is an excellent value bassoon reed which is ideal for semi-pro bassoonists. You will find it easy to play due to its medium strength and will have a  longer life than most reeds due to its thicker tip.

Key Features

  • Perfect for bassoonists from ABRSM grades 2 - 5
  • Easy to play due to its medium strength
  • Lasts a long time because of its thicker tip
  • attractive thread at base
  • Great value for semi-pro bassoonists!

Ideal for beginners - grade 2 - 5

If you are a grade 2 - 5  bassoonist the Crook and Stable Academy Bassoon Reed is ideal for you. It has many features which allow you to improve your technique and musicality without being held back by using heavier reeds. They are also hand-made in the UK by an experienced professional bassoonist and bassoon reed maker.

Warm tone & easy to play

The medium strength of our academy bassoon reed helps you to develop a free and open embouchure, which later in your development will make creating a warm singing tone on the bassoon much simpler. It will also allow you to play for longer sessions, as it does not wear out your embouchure as quickly.

Durable, adjustable & good value

Our excellent value Academy Bassoon Reed's thicker tip helps to avoid accidental damage! It has also been designed so that your teacher can easily make slight adjustments to the reed to suit you and your playing. The reed is bound in an attractive thread binding.

All reeds are handmade.

Approximate dimensions

Blade Length: 25mm
Tube Length: 31mm 
Total Length: 56mm
Tip Width: 16mm
Tip Shape: Straight
Throat Opening (at the collar): 9.5mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Gail H.
Excellent reeds

I really like these reeds for use with my Adler Sonora bassoon. They're a good, genuinely medium, reed that work very well with my instrument

Juliet A.
My 12 year old daughter

My 12 year old daughter (about Grade 2 level) found this reed very good on the whole. A nice, round tone. Perhaps slightly too ‘closed’ but otherwise very pleased and would buy again!

Helen T.
Good reeds

Good reeds, good service as usual from Crook and Staple.

Helen B.
OK reed, excellent service

These reeds needed quite a lot of adjustment: new wire, some reshaping before they would play well. Meanwhile, Crook and staple are a great business.

Mary Q.
Academy bassoon reed

Excellent reliable service. Super sounding reed made with a little Christmas sparkle . Nice surprise.

Olwen I.


David B.
Academy bassoon Reed... my daughter favorites

My daughter has started the bassoon and love this Reed...

Olwen I.
Great service

Reeds arrived quickly.
Good quality.

Dear Olwen,
Many thanks for the review, we love hearing from our customers. We are pleased to hear you love the academy reeds and we hope to see you again at C&S.
Best wishes,
Eliza @ Crook & Staple

Amy H.
Good reeds

I am more experienced on single reeds than double reeds so I don’t know much about double reeds but these reeds make my sound much nicer and seem to be good quality.

Dear Amy,
Welcome to the dark side! Double reeds have double the fun! If you would like any further advice on reeds please feel free to get in touch. As a single reed player the Academy reeds are a good reed to start with as they are in between the C&S student and professional reeds- not too soft or hard. If you would like some extra information on Bassoon reeds, download our free PDF guide on reed adjustment, it provides a useful insight on double reed problems and how to solve them.

Very best wishes,
Eliza @ Crook & Staple

Karen E.
Mixed quality reeds

I've bought these in the past, had great service, and been very happy with them. This time, however, there was a delay in sending them out but no one bothered to contact me to let me know - I only found out when I made the enquiry. When they did arrive, one was great but the other one extremely 'buzzy' preventing me from playing playing anything but loudly. Obviously I can't do anything about it once I have tried them because then 'they've been used' - very disappointing and frustrating.

Dear Karen,
Thank you for leaving us a review, we appreciate feedback from all our customers as we always strive to offer the best service we can and that involves hearing from customers who aren't so pleased.

We do say on our website that it is usually a two week wait for some reeds, we can only provide an estimate for this. As mentioned in my last email we were unfortunate with a bad batch of cane and the rise in these reeds popularity which caused a slight delay, again apologies for this. We are now back on schedule with these reeds.

With regards to your reed, all is not lost, by adjusting the wires that reed can be saved! We recommend gently squeezing the sides of the middle wire (one nearest the thread) and then doing the same to the top wire - in this order. The great thing about wire adjustments is that it can always be put back by just doing the opposite. Reed adjustment is a very common practise and if you would like any more information on this we have a useful free PDF guide which can be found here:

If you need any more help/advice on this feel free to get in touch, we hope your next visit will be a more positive experience.

Very best wishes,
Eliza @ Crook & Staple